# Name Donations

What is 'King of the Bill'?

'King of the Bill' is a Dapp that forwards donations to charity and keeps a leaderboard of who donated the most.

Where are the donations going?

The underlying smart contract forwards the donations automatically to GiveDirectly. GiveDirectly provides an income for households in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda via mobile phone-linked payment services. It targets extremely low-income households.

What do I need to use this Dapp?

The browser extension MetaMask and some ETH.

Do you accept other currencies than ETH?

This Dapp only works with ETH. But you can donate to GiveDirectly using BTC, XRP and any ERC20-Token.
See: GiveDirectly.org/Give-Now

Can I trust that my donation will reach the charity?

See for yourself:
  1. Check if this front end connects to this contract
  2. Read the verified contract code
  3. Compare the donee address with the one provided by GiveDirectly

Can I top up my donation?

Yes. Just donate from the same address and your donation will be added to your previous ones.

Can I change my name?

Yes. Just donate from the same address and enter a new name.

How can I contact you?

Please send questions, suggestions, praise and criticism to: Kingofthebill@protonmail.com